We offer custom-tailored coaching solutions for all leadership levels:

    Organizations spend a great amount of time and resources selecting new leaders. Recruiting is linked with high expectations, and the failure of leaders can correspond directly with a significant loss of time and resources for the company. Onboard coaching mitigates these risks by assisting in a leader’s transition to the company. Furthermore it ensures long-term efficiency and effectiveness for the organization.


    Onboard coaching shortens the time for your staff to become fully productive. Moreover, it increases their likelihood of success.


    Onboard coaching is particularly efficient when applied just before or immediately after a new employee joins the company.


    Onboard coaching offers support at a time when the challenge is the greatest and the change is most profound.

    Focus coaching allows us to offer executives a short and specific monitoring of various aspects of their work, which allows them to achieve rapid and essential improvements.

    Focus coaching can be deployed either as a temporary support providing rapid success or it can be used as a long-term support with a strategic view.

    Candidates receive a personal profile report and a development plan as part of the process.

    Impact coaching offers leaders the opportunity to develop specific soft skills. For instance, strengthening their empathy. In so doing, leaders will be better able to assess the characteristics and abilities of their team members, resulting in an increase in effective team work and consequently improved outcomes.

    An assessment of the individual’s potential can be carried out. This allows us to quickly identify the desired and specific short-term behavioral changes and to offer goal-oriented strategies for improvement.

    Lonely at the Top

    We accompany C-Level and senior leaders as a sounding board. Our advice guarantees a neutral outside view, and trust and discretion for executives at high levels. Excellent corporate governance at this high level is distinguished today by objective, unbiased and competent feedback on leadership issues and by self-development.

    We coach and support individuals at middle and upper leadership level during the focused implementation of strategic corporate objectives, such as during a turnaround, acquisition, buyout, restructuring or entrance into an emerging market.

    Leaders bear a high level of responsibility with respect to organizational tasks as well as to them personally. Mindfulness is a core element for successfully coordinating and controlling stress reduction. It enables leaders to better set priorities and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

    We navigate C-Level leaders to become more self-aware and to reflect on feedback concerning their leadership behavior and a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of Coaching

Through coaching the strategic aims of your organization can be more easily reached, be it through the improved productivity of a single executive or a more effective team.