Assessments of leaders and leadership teams

In an evermore globally competitive environment the demand for first-rate leaders is at a premium and the right placement is crucial. As a result, objective and reliable assessments of your executives’ potential is a critical tool in making a successful decision.

Through our robust assessment processes we help you to ensure that you have the right people in the right positions and that their potential is being maximized.

    The typical assessment forecasts the potential of leaders with respect to their ability to face new tasks and requirements. The results from 360° interviews, strategic case studies, role playing, and metric and projective tests are combined to create an integrated picture of the leadership abilities of your executives.

    The need to assess the potential of a leadership team is often necessary to address new strategic challenges. We assist you by providing feedback as to how your leadership teams can meet the company’s current and future global needs.

    Possible reasons for the evaluation of boards are strategic restructuring, stagnation, conflicts and deadlocked situations.

Assessments offer you the advantage of assessing the full potential and risks of executives and management teams.

Our assessments assist companies in enabling their leaders to make well-founded and sustainable decisions.